By splitting the MES they are recognizable easily and everywhere. At first glance at a connected MES the new cap and plug system will be hardly noticeable, they are well integrated into the board. In the close view we look at the MES Board and see how its innovative technology is integrated in everyday life, on the beach, while travelling or surfing.

Exchangeable Noses.

Shortboard Nose:

Typical Short Board Nose for Newcomers and experts from a mini Malibu.
Extreme agility and lightweight.

Evolution Nose (Mini Malibu):

The Evolution Nose is a perfect fun board.
Small size, extreme turnability and extra volume and width.

Longboard Nose:

A Longboard Nose for Noserides and cruising.
Surprisingly high maneuverability despite the extra volume and width.

The tails

The MES tails feel home and save in all wave conditions and guarantee a high fun factor. Suitable from Short- to Longboard. Much potential for control, to turn and track loyalty, are the qualities of the tails from MES.


The plug-in system

01. The Stabilisation sticks

The two 100% recyclable aluminium tubes give the MES Board the necessary stability.
They disappear in the forecast host pipes in each tail and make the change of the Nose easy.

02. The connection system

The four legal protected, 100% recyclable, and extremely lightweight aluminium boxes, connect Nose and Tail in a few gaps and ensure the retractable bolt for the highest degree of safety. Even if both screws loosen themselves the sophisticated security mechanism prevents an unintentional pulling apart of both board halves.

03. The screws and bolts

The screws will be sunk in the foreseen access holes and take hold in the thread bolts in the opposite aluminium boxes. The pins are removable which prevents that they become fixed by salt or sand. After use, all parts should be rinsed off well with clean water. The screws and bolts, can be replaced in the case of the cases with commercially available, stainless steel and salt water resistant parts (A4).

04. The key to the system

With the hex screwdriver you put the screws and both board parts firm and solve them again. Carry him always with you like you fin-key.