Multiple Exchange Surfboards

MES stands for Multiple-Exchange Surfboards.
MES Surfboards are two-part surfboards with removable front (nose) and back (tail) parts.

The advantages of these Travel-boards are:

  • easy transport
  • no transfer fees for flights
  • comfortable travelling
  • no roof rack
  • easy handling
  • flexibility by interchangeable front parts
  • innovative product
  • same performance as conventional boards.

Thus MES brings something new on the market. An innovative product that differs from all other fundamentally different, that is new because of its functionality, is due to its new mobility and new, because it is through his thoughtful solution to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of performance provides.

With MES Boards our movement grows, and our mobility becomes easy and flexible with the innovative and very well constructed connection system.

MES – from the idea to implementation

The development of a Multiple Exchange Surfboard, with front replaceable parts that makes travelling easier, saves you transportation costs and brings back the fun and joy into surfing and travelling. That was the target of Philip Mes, when in 1999 he was flying to Spain. He had registered and paid three boards and the flight company allowed only one board instead of three with them. This situation led to the idea of a Travel Board, which focuses on the needs of surfers.

2001, he got the Multiple Exchange Surfboards legally protected.

With this idea Philip Mes graduated in autumn 2002 at the Rhein-Sieg-Art-Academy with honor. In 2003 he built the first functional prototype, which from then on escorted him on all his surf-trips. In the meantime Philip Mes worked on the design and connection system, until the first presentable 3 prototypes left the shape-room end of 2004. He tried to bring the idea and the design to some surfboard manufacturers, but for them the idea was way to futuristic and the effort too great. Philip Mes firmly believed in the innovative concept and decided to make the MES boards on his own. In the year 2007, the first MES boards gave their debut on the water in Germany, Spain and Portugal.